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Best Beef Possible.

It’s more than a slogan...


In fact, it’s the guiding principle behind everything we do.  For three generations, the E.R. Boliantz Co. has passionately worked to offer our customers an exceptional dining experience.   


In order to do so, we start from the very beginning by building lasting relationships with local farmers and industry experts from The Ohio State University to promote strong genetics, healthy herds and effective feedlot management techniques— all because we believe great BEEF starts at Ohio farms.

Our family's passion will reinvent your family's dinner table!

Ohio Premium Beef    Ohio All Natural Beef   Ohio Certified Angus Beef

Why buy local?

Local cattle sourcing and harvesting means the beef reaches your market sooner, for a fresher more wholesome product.   Buying local also supports your community, helps preserve our Great State’s Historical Heritage of Agriculture, and helps ensure a better economy for the future of Ohio.

Old fashion dry-aged beef

This is an old fashioned, time honored process for aging beef that requires extra patience and care. This is the natural way to age and chill beef and results in a more flavorful, tender cut.

Find us in your local market

We value our long-standing relationships with our retail partners and as a result do not generally sell directly to the public.  We invite you to visit our grocery partners in your neighborhood to start buying local.

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