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Scoll over the images to see why our beef is different...

At E.R. Boliantz Co. our mission is to provide the best beef possible. We like to keep the goal simple so we always know where we’re headed.


Our beef brands are USDA Certified Beef Programs that were developed to build recognition for the Ohio Agriculture and Beef Industries.  Agriculture has been an integral part of the Ohio economy for centuries and by now our farmers know a thing or two about raising beef cattle.  That’s why we have teamed up with local producers to offer wholesome, fresh beef in your neighborhood market.

Wilging's Fine Meats 1919

In 1929 Jeff and Margret Boliantz opened a small butcher shop and grocery in Mansfield, OH. It was only natural as Margret's family actually made their start in the meat business a decade earlier - Wilging's Fine Meats is still operated by the Wilging family today!  Jeff and Margret's son, Emil, continued the family tradition when he opened ER Boliantz Packing in Mansfield, OH in the mid-1940's during the height of WWII.  Bob Boliantz, Emil and Betty's son and current owner of ER Boliantz Co. worked along side his father for more than 15 years before he went into business for himself and relocated to Ashland, OH. 

Our History

Our Mission

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