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Look for these labels in your neighborhood market


Ohio Premium Beef Brochure

Ohio All Natural Beef Brochure

Ohio Premium Beef, Ohio All Natural Beef, and Local Certified Angus Beef ® are superior brands produced to the highest quality standards set forth by the USDA for choice and prime beef cuts.  In addition to meeting the highly selective quality grade standards, the cattle also must be raised on local Ohio farms.


We have been working hard for three generations to develop strong relationships with local farmers.  Our collaborative efforts in conjunction with guidance from animal nutritionists at The Ohio State University have resulted in a complete cattle nutrition program specifically designed to intensify flavor and tenderness. Throughout the feeding and growing process we make regular visits to the local farms in an effort to manage the cattle’s readiness for harvest.


With a combined 130 years of experience, our industry experts evaluate each cattle and hand select small groups for harvest. Our meticulous procurement methods allow us to track each cattle from its home farm to your neighborhood market. Local cattle sourcing and harvesting means the beef reaches your market sooner, for a fresher, wholesome product.


Our beef brands are always dry chilled in wholesale cuts to provide a rich, unique flavor that no other aging or chilling method can achieve.  This process requires careful control of refrigeration temperatures, relative humidity and air velocity to enhance tenderness and flavor.  Our expert butchers take great pride in mastering this time-honored craft.  


We thank you for your continuing support in our endeavor to promote and enhance Ohio Agriculture and the Beef Industry.

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