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Brothers John and Kevin Gott own and operate J&K Gott Farms in Wellington, OH.  The family plants corn, soybeans, wheat, and hay in addition to raising a small herd of Angus cattle.  Gary Gott (John and Kevin's father) is the primary caretaker for the herd and carefully manages both the cow/calf breeding operation and the finishing process for the market cattle.  


The Gott Family started breeding and raising cattle in 1993 and now has approximately 60 Angus cows that are bred on the farm.  The calves grow alongside their mothers in the pasture until  they are weaned at about five  months of age.  Eventually the cattle are introduced to a high protein corn-based diet designed to promote healthy growth. Gary also works closely with an animal nutritionist to carefully balance the necessary supplements and ration during the finishing process.


Gary's wife encourages him to slow down and enjoy his retirement years but he says that he is right where he wants to be... Gary loves working with cattle and helping his sons!  


Coy Smith - Sullivan, Ohio


With the help of his wife, Robin and two daughters, Erin and Brittney, Coy Smith raises cattle and crops on his family's farm in Sullivan, OH.  (Coy pictured with daughter Erin, right).  The Smiths plant corn, beans, hay, and wheat which are ground and mixed on the farm and used in the finishing ration for their market cattle.  Coy and his family manage a small cow/calf herd which acts as the primary cattle source for their beef operation; however, the family does buy additional feeder cattle from other local producers.


"Our mom Robin is the heart and soul of this farm.  She makes it all tick.", explained Erin when asked about her mother.    


Brittney completed a Family and Child Studies degree at Muskingum College and now works for the local Head Start program.  Erin graduated from Findlay University with an Animal Science degree and is employed at AG Credit. 

Fred and Adam Pitts - Wellington, Ohio


Second and third generation farmers, Fred and his son Adam Pitts (pictured left) work together planting crops and raising cattle on their family farm in Wellington, OH.  Although the farm has grown considerably over the years, the Pitts family still works the same ground that Fred's father purchased in 1946.


Fred and Adam plant corn, beans, and hay and manage a 50 head cow/calf operation which provides the beef cattle for their feedlot.  The primarily Simme-Angus crossbred cows are bred on the farm to Limousin bulls.  The Pitts use an ear tag tracking system that traces each calf's bloodlines back to its sire and dam. Thorough genetic records provide a wealth of information and help to continuously improve herd health and efficiency.


Fred and his wife Sandy also have a daughter, Amy who works for Farm Credit Services in Wooster, OH.  



If you raise beef cattle and are interested in becoming a valued supplier for our Ohio Beef Brands, please give us a call.  We would love to hear more about what you do and how you do it!

  Thank you Ohio Farmers.... We could not do it without you 

Krupp Family Farm - Norwalk, Ohio


Dave Krupp, his wife Darlene (pictured right with Bob Boliantz), and their daughter Taylor own and operate a crop and beef cattle farm just south of Norwalk, OH.  This farm land has been in the family for three generations.


The Krupps plant corn, beans, and wheat which are harvested and used as feed for their market cattle operation.  


Taylor Krupp is active in 4-H, school athletics, and church. 

Byland Polled Shorthorns

Loudonville, OH

"Farming is a way of life and a great life it has been!"

J & K Gott Farms - Wellington, Ohio

Tim Gallatin - Seville, Ohio

Tim and his Border Collie, Lady, work a 500 acre farm in Seville, Ohio.  Tim feeds approximately 100 cattle each year that he carefully sources from local breeders and other Ohio feeder cattle producers.  When choosing feeder cattle Tim says healthy calves with hearty Angus crossbred genetics work best for his beef cattle operation.  The cattle are fed out for market utilizing corn and grass hay harvested from the farm. 

Burkholder Family Farms - Shiloh, OH

Harvey and his wife Rachel moved to Ohio from Pennsylvania in 1981 when they bought their first farm and began feeding cattle.  Now the Burkholders and their children own a diversified operation near Shiloh, OH.  Harvey and his two sons David and Wilson manage a large cattle feedlot where they finish feeder calves for market using high moisture corn, distillers grain, and corn silage harvested from the 600 acre farm.  


The family also operates a fabric store, barn building/restoration company, organic garden fertilizer business, farm equipment rental, and local produce line including melons and tomatoes sold in Ohio markets.  


Harvey and Rachel are blessed with 8 children and many grandchildren who are all involved in the family business.

J & L Cattle Services - Jeromesville, OH

Jeff Harr, his wife Lou Ellen, and their daughter Keayla make a family business out of their love for cattle.  Lou Ellen grew up raising Hereford cattle and followed her passion for livestock by completing a BS in Animal Science from the University of Missouri and a Masters in Animal Science and Reproductive Physiology from Kansas State University.  Jeff’s hands-on livestock experience began at a young age when he spent the summers showing breeding stock at many county fairs across northern Ohio.  He also spent time in herd management with Big T Ranch in Jeromesville, OH before taking a position at E.R. Boliantz Co.  Lou Ellen says their daughter shares her parents’ passion for Hereford cattle and plans to attend college out west to study Animal Science. 


J & L Cattle Services specializes in breeding and raising optimal Hereford cattle.  The family takes great pride in managing the herd and selecting for desirable genetic traits in an effort to continuously improve the Hereford breed.   J & L Cattle Services sells bull calves, heifers and young cows with the most ideal breed characteristics to other Herford breeders all over the country.  The family also feeds out a portion of their calves for market to help collect valuable carcass data for further breed management.  These cattle are fed corn, hay, and silage all grown on the farm.


The success of J & L Cattle Services is driven by the family’s constant strife for the ideal cattle in terms of quality and efficiency and their in- depth understanding of today’s beef industry.       

Red Hill Farms - Cambridge, OH

Randy Raber, his wife Marijane, and their sons Jonathon and Nathan own and operate a large, diversified farm near Cambridge, OH.  Farming became a family business in the early 1980s when Randy’s father actually made his start as a dairy farmer- It wasn’t until Randy completed his degree at OSU ATI and came back to the farm that they decided to make better use of their pasture ground by starting a cow/calf herd.  The Rabers now manage a 500 head Angus crossbred cow herd that calves in the spring and fall to help ensure a continuous supply of feeders for the family’s beef cattle operation.  The beef cattle are finished for market on dry shelled corn and silage harvested from the farm as well as dry-distillers grain purchased in Coshocton, OH.  The family works with a nutritionist from the local Ag Co-op to carefully monitor the cattle’s growth process and overall health.


The Rabers also own a local restaurant featuring high-end steak cuts from beef raised on the farm.  The family and their head chef have built the restaurant’s menu and reputation around their shared passion for high quality, fresh, local ingredients.  Find the Bear’s Den on Facebook or                    



Sometimes childhood dreams do in fact come true. What were once only treasured memories of wide-open pastures and cattle grazing at leisure have now become a reality for Mike and Aaron Atterholt.


The brothers, who grew up watching their grandfather feed a handful of beef cattle each year, now have the pleasure of raising their young families on that same piece of land. Together they farm land and raise Angus cattle amidst the rolling hills of Jeromesville, Ohio.


Their town is small, “just a spot on the map” as Mike would say, but it’s home and the birthplace of many more memories to come as this new generation starts to make its mark.


“I couldn’t think of a better way to raise a family, that's for sure,” says Mike.


What began as simple 4-H projects for the men, some 25 years ago, has turned into a full-fledged business with Aaron working on the farm full time and Mike contributing time on weekends and evenings after his job in town. Aaron works the farming side of the operation while Mike focuses on his love – the cattle.


“I kinda got hooked on it,” says Mike. “We had a lot of good times growing up. I have a good job but I definitely know I’d rather be at home working on the farm with the cattle.”


Alongside his wife, Amanda, Mike focuses on raising and feeding cattle that will be recognized for quality and consistency; traits often attributed to The Certified Angus Beef ® brand.


“The Certified Angus Beef ® brand is out there promoting a quality product. We need to be able to supply it,” says Mike.


Together, the brothers and their families do their part to ensure a premium product. With eager anticipation Mike looks forward to raising his young girls with the work ethic associated with growing up in this unique fashion.


“A lot of kids don’t get that opportunity, they never have the responsibility of raising an animal. Having a family, I definitely want to see our daughters experience that,” says Mike. “That will trickle down into everything else they encounter in life. It’s a huge responsibility.”


Whether they be a hundred miles away or just down the road, the Certified Angus Beef ® brand is comprised of many families, just like the Atterholts. To them, ranching is a chosen way of life – an unparalleled commitment that runs deep. Individually, they work hard to produce their best, and they join together to bring you the Certified Angus Beef ® brand. 

Atterholt Farms - Jeromesville, OH

Homestead Farm - Milan, OH

Mother and daughter team Jeanette and Jennie Henry own and operate Homestead Farm in Milan, OH.  Homestead Farm raises Polled Hereford cattle for market with the help of its fulltime Farm Manager, Jerry.  The Henry family farm has a long and storied past that is worthy of much more than this short article can share. 



Jeanette’s grandfather began farming in the early 1900s and the family has been at it ever since.  Joe Henry, Jeannette's husband, started into the cattle business under the tutelage of a highly regarded cattle buyer for the Kroger Company.  It was he who suggested the Polled Hereford breed for its docile nature and smaller frame, so that thicker steaks could be cut.  Mr. Henry looked to him for advice. 


During the sixties and early seventies the farm provided Homestead Inn Restaurant (also owned by the family) with two head of cattle every Monday after ten days of aging.  The kitchen manager/chef of Homestead Restaurant was very skillful in using the entire carcass, including ox tail soup and corning the tongue and heart, making beef stew, soups with the bones, meatloaf and rendering the fat to use in the fryers.  In 1974 when the restaurant was sold, the farm continued for many years to sell beef halves to the local lovers of good beef. 


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Loyal & Diana Young - Ashland, OH

Loyal Young is a full-time farmer—planting and harvesting crops, managing a small cow/calf herd, and feeding out beef cattle for market.  His wife Diana helps on the farm and also works at Spring Meadow Veterinary Clinic.  The Young family feeds cattle year round at their farm on the north east side of Ashland, OH.    


Loyal and Diana have three children and five grandchildren who live locally and are active on the farm and in 4-H.  The family has been a longtime supporter and participant in the Ashland County Fair and will soon have grandchildren old enough to raise market and breeding projects of their own!

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J&L Cattle Services was recently featured in "The Ring" (page 74). 

Bender Family Farm—      Loudonville, Ohio


The Bender Family has been farming the same land in Loudonville, OH for three generations.  Chuck Bender Sr. and his three sons—Mike, Tom, and Chuck Jr.—and their families have grown the business to more than 1100 acres supporting approximately 600 acres of row crops, a cow/calf herd, a beef feedlot operation, and a farm machinery repair business. 


Tom and Chuck Jr. jointly manage the livestock operations of Bender Farms.  The family maintains a 100 head cow/calf herd and two Angus-based breeding bulls which supply some of the cattle for their feedlot.  The cattle are fed out on a finishing diet of high moisture shelled corn and alfalfa/grass hay all harvested from the farm. Tom and Chuck Jr. have worked hard to develop operations that continuously generate quality cattle through the use of good genetics, nutrient-rich feed, and a stress free environment.    


The ER Boliantz Co. has been doing business with the Bender Family for nearly four decades and we are proud of the wonderful business relationship and friendship that has grown over the years.

Byland Polled Shorthorns – Loudonville, OH


Brothers, Jeff and Jon Byers are second generation family farmers who breed and raise Registered Polled Shorthorn cattle on their farm in Loudonville, OH.  The family’s love affair with the breed started with just one heifer purchased by Jeff and Jon’s father when the two were just young boys.  Now, the farm supports approximately 130 cows, six breeding bulls and their calves.  Jeff and Jon manage the herd very closely and select for the most desirable genetic characteristics in an effort to continuously develop breed in terms of quality and efficiency.  The Byers show the best of their breeding stock at world class breed shows like the Beef Expo held annually in Louisville, KY and sell many of their young heifers and bull calves to other Polled Shorthorn breeders all over the US.      


The cows are on pasture in their natural environment 365 days a year to ensure a healthy, hearty herd.  The cows calve outside and raise their offspring in the pasture until they are weaned at 6 months of age.  Because genetic bloodlines are extremely important to Jeff and Jon’s work with breed development, each calf is tagged in the field with a number that corresponds to the dam, sire and year of birth and records are maintained to establish breeding history for future reference.  The calves that are not sold for breeding purposes are fed out using dry shelled corn, protein pellets, and a grass/alfalfa hay all grown on the family’s farm.  This process helps the Byers collect valuable carcass data in terms of meat quality and is the basis for selecting desired breeding characteristics in future calves.


Jon Byers is a graduate of The Ohio State University with a degree in Animal Science and a lifetime of experience in working with cattle.  Jon focuses full-time on the farming operations and is the primary caretaker of the herd.  Jon and his wife Lori have a daughter, Vanessa, who is active in her high school band and the local Jr. Fair Livestock Show. 


In addition to managing the farm, Jeff Byers owns and operates Byland Animal Hospital in Loudonville.  Dr. Byers is a graduate of The Ohio State University where he received his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree in 1982.  He and his wife Marti, a 4th grade teacher in the Hillsdale School district, have two grown children, Mike and Tara.  Their family life is made complete by their special dogs Casey and Debbie. 


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Ballymawr Farms – Savannah, OH


Ballymawr Farms is a picturesque family-run farm that sits just south of Savannah, OH along the continental divide.  This land was first homesteaded by the Dinsmore family in 1931 when they moved from West Salem, OH following the construction of I-71 and the division of their original farm.


With support from his wife Shane and their children Frankie, Gracie, and Harper, Steve Dinsmore—a 4th generation farmer and OSU/ATI Large Animal Science grad—continues to work the same ground that his father, grandfather, and great grandfather did before him.  In fact, Steve’s parents Jim and Liz Dinsmore still play an active role in all that goes on a Ballymawr Farms today. 


Together the family works over 300 acres supporting corn, beans, and clover/alfalfa hay.  The crops are harvested and a portion is used to finish small groups of Angus-based feeder calves carefully selected and purchased in southern Ohio.  Steve monitors the feed ration to ensure his cattle achieve the well-marbled, tender, flavorful results demanded by a discerning market.  While the family has worked with many of the traditional English beef breeds over the years, Steve believes that Angus crossbred cattle have the strong genetics required to produce consistent high quality results.  


When Frankie, Gracie and Harper aren’t helping dad with the cattle and crops, they are busy raising 4-H projects for the Ashland County Fair.  Both girls raised market hogs for the 2015 fair and have plans to add Baby Beef steers and chickens to the roster for 2016!  Harper is not quite old enough for the fair but he sure does help his big sisters!


Steve Kuhl – Huron, OH

Condolences to the family and friends of Tim who recently died unexpectedly while doing what he loved, working on his family farm.  His cattle and beloved dog are being cared for by neighbors and longtime friends.

Steve and his family run a farm on the south side of Huron where they raise cattle and crops.  Steve gets his feeder cattle from farms in southern Ohio and finishes them with grains and roughages harvested from his fields.

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